Fiscal Year Grants


St. Margaret Foundation Grantmaking for the Ill, Underserved and Suffering

Grants Made for Fiscal Year 2017

The St. Margaret Foundation Board of Directors voted to approve the following grant disbursements in support for valuable projects for fiscal year 2017.

Hospital Grants Approved for FY2017:

Transportation Shuttle Service for Under-resourced Patients                               $65,000.00
Free Valet for Patients with Disabilities                                                             $35,000.00
Patient and Family Advisory Council Support for:                                              $17,016.00
     - Alzheimer Patients Support Group
     - COPD Patients Support Group
     - Stroke Patients Support Group
Patient and Family Advisory Council Group
Community Immunizations at the Family Health Centers                                   $10,010.00
Ultrasonometer to Screen for Bone Density at Free Health Fairs                          $9,729.99
Health Fair Screenings for the Under-resourced                                                  $9,400.00
Free Flu Immunizations for the Under-resourced                                                 $8,213.00
Increasing Privacy and Decreasing Barriers to Standardize Bedside Report          $6,000.00
Patient Patio Furniture for Unit 4A – Orthopedic Rehabilitation Patients                $5,605.83
Patient/Family Cell Phone Charger Stations for the ER and Van Horn Pavilion     $5,480.00
Seating for New Room for Doctor/Family Conversations About End of Life Care   $4,572.97
New Palliative Care Outpatient Clinic for End of Life Decision Making                 $4,000.00
Patient Library Equipment and Free Resources for Patients and Families             $3,000.00
Yoga Instruction for Patients at Lawrenceville Family Healthy Center                   $2,500.00
Thank You Gifts for Hospital Volunteers                                                             $1,500.00
DAISY Foundation Scholarship                                                                         $1,500.00

FY2017 Approved Community Grants:

North Hills Community Outreach for two Free Rides for Seniors Shuttles           $83,000.00
Family Services of Western PA for Free Rides Shuttle for the Alle-Kiski Valley   $50,263.00

TOTAL GRANTED IN FY2017:                                                                     $321,790.00


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