Employee Emergency Fund



 In 2017, The Employee Emergency Fund provided $18,213.36 in assistance for employees.

 When times get tough, the Employee Emergency Fund can help.

UPMC St. Margaret takes pride in its staff - the source of its tradition of quality health care and true caring for patients. A high level of service, enthusiasm, and performance can only be maintained when employees are free to focus on their work, apart from emergency situations and related financial issues at home.

 Employee Emergency Fund Request Form


St. Margaret Foundation provides an Employee Emergency Fund for UPMC St. Margaret hospital and family health center employees, and any staff affiliated with physicians on staff at UPMC St. Margaret.  The Employee Emergency Fund is maintained through the support of St. Margaret Foundation and other donations.


Any full or part time employee of UPMC St. Margaret or of any UPMC St. Margaret full time staff physician is eligible. Casual employees will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Employment will be verified by Human Resources.


A.  This fund is designed to support our valued staff in times of unexpected financial hardship.   In order to be eligible to receive assistance through the St. Margaret Employee Emergency Fund there must be a onetime unavoidable event such as a natural disaster, fire or acute medical illness.  Also eligible are employees who have received a shut off notice from a utility company or a mortgage foreclosure or rent eviction notice.  Employees who have suffered the death of a spouse, child, or parent may apply for assistance for travel and/or funeral costs if there is a demonstrated need.  Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
B.  The maximum assistance an eligible staff member may receive is $1000 or 5% of their annual pay, whichever amount is less.
C.  During any two year period an eligible staff member may not receive in the aggregate an amount that exceeds the maximum assistance.
D. Eligible staff members must provide written documentation of their qualifying hardship, the documentation must be attached to the staff members' request, and the staff member must sign an authorization granting UPMC St. Margaret Human Resources permission to contact and verify the source of the hardship.
E. Eligible staff members are encouraged to use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to prepare to utilize the resources of the Foundation in the best way. The EAP is the UPMC source for confidential connection to resources for personal challenges large and small.


A. Staff members requesting financial assistance through the St. Margaret Foundation Employee Emergency Fund must complete the attached "Employee Emergency Fund Application" form and submit it to Human Resources for review and approval. Final approval of disbursement of funds will be made by the President of the St. Margaret Foundation.

B. Any staff member who provides false information in connection with their request for financial assistance is subject to corrective action up to and including discharge in accordance with UPMC's Corrective Action and Discharge policy, HS-HR0704.
*Examples of natural disasters include fire damage to home, flash flood/power outages due to severe weather, unexpected damaging snow storms and tornadoes.


"Due to surgery for cancer and subsequent treatment, I have incurred co-pays and other medical bills which are beyond my means to pay. I am the sole earner in the home and would appreciate any assistance from the Foundation.”

“I am asking for assistance with paying my electric bill. I do not have the money to prevent it from being shut off and so please help me with this financial emergency.”

“I’m a long-term employee that has been diagnosed with cancer and leukemia. Between illness, co-payments,
medications, I am stretched beyond my means of payment. I’m behind on many bills including gas, electric, and
water. I’m asking for assistance so that these utilities are not shut off. If there is anything that you can do, as
anything would help me.”