Annual Fund

It's What Truly Sustains Us!

“This community is our home, the place where we are raising our family. When we need medical attention, we go to UPMC St. Margaret. And when we considered where to commit our money in support of our community, St. Margaret Foundation quickly and clearly became the best choice.”
- Annual Fund Donor

Every year, St. Margaret Foundation looks to people like you — individuals who recognize the value of this neighborhood resource of hope and healing — to help us raise the funds to provide the financial foundation for all of our programs. Every year, we must rely on 2,500 donors, making contributions of all sizes, to bring our mission to life.

The Annual Fund is what keeps us going. Can we count on your help?

Why Give?
Your Annual Fund contribution has a direct effect on the quality of our programs and the extent and reach we can achieve across our neighboring communities.

Matching Gifts
Double the impact of your gift through your employer's matching gift program.

Ways to Give
We want to make giving easy! Contribute in the way that works best for you.

For more information, contact the Foundation at 412-784-4205.